A (sourdough) bun in the oven

A (sourdough) bun in the oven

Unless you follow my work instagram page, where I make relevant announcements that impact my business hours… we haven’t really come out and said it on any other platform. But…  We’re pregnant! Due any day now really. 

So you can imagine I haven’t had the time (or energy really) for all of my sourdough adventures. I got into the habit of making sourdough bread every Sunday – with the intention of having a Sunday Sourdough series brought to light on the blog. It was my meditative practice, the thing I looked forward to most every week. But it turns out that was a tall order when you’re growing a human. The sourdough process, although beautiful and really therapeutic in its own way, takes a lot of time. We’re talking 36-48 hours of planning and actively tending to your recipe. With that said, I had to hard-pause on my baking habits with this little bun in the oven.

I never thought I’d have a baby, not biologically I mean. I always had a deep yearning to adopt. My ever supportive husband is adopted, so he was on board right away. It turns out though that adopting is a very complicated process, so we didn’t rule out having a biological child if that was in the cards for us. On average it takes a healthy couple 9 months to conceive, and I work with healthy young women in my practice struggling with unexplained infertility and conception troubles in their late 20’s and early 30’s. With my history of Endometriosis, and one lone ovary, we didn’t know what that process would look like for us. You can imagine our surprise when we conceived after a couple weeks of ‘not not trying’. So there you have it, we were thrown into this pregnancy a lot sooner than we thought – but all by divine timing.

Sure, we didn’t make it to Italy, a trip I was really hoping to do in the Fall of this year. I wanted to take a two week cooking class in the Italian country side. Instead, we sat beside at the hospital, holding my father-in-law’s hand, as we watched him slip away. Divine timing, It was. If we didn’t get pregnant, we’d be in Europe, losing precious time that we could’ve had with my father in law – and god forbid my father-in-law was alone as he unexpectedly got sick. If we didn’t get pregnant when we did, he would never have had the wonderful opportunity to witness us start a family. Life is bittersweet, but we are so grateful for the timing of it all.

So that brings us back to the sourdough. My meditative practice of Sunday baking has been put on hold because… life. The passing of my father in law during my last trimester has taken a toll on us. Pregnancy alone is a humbling experience.

So baking has been just about the furthest thing from my mind, but sourdough hasn’t been. A girl loves her sourdough . So she found the next best thing- a sourdough delivery service. They pair up with a bunch of independently owned bakeries, many of which have sourdough offerings (many of which are not sourdough or long fermented, but to each their own), and I’m able to purchase several varieties of artisanal sourdough and have it delivered to my door. Our freezer is stock piled with delicious loaves, and pre planned meals to get me through the first month or so of motherhood. Wish me luck!

So here’s to my official pregnancy announcement, days before I’m actually due. And to my love of sourdough, mangia, my loves! Let’s eat.

I’d you want to try the sourdough delivery service I use, use this link for $30 off your first box. I only order the sourdough or long fermented baked goods, but they do have traditionally baked goods on there as well. No this isn’t a sponsorship, I just am sharing the love with you!

**A little update – our guy made a fast and furious arrival – 17 days early! Just days after our maternity pictures were taken! Stay tuned for our birth story and photos. In the meantime, we are so grateful that baby is healthy and mom is doing well. For the most part I’m staying off my phone and will update everyone on our newest addition when we have the energy to do so. xo ** 

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  1. absolutely beautiful ❤️. the beginning of an amazing new journey with Weston💙💙💙💙