Cheat Smart Theory

And Always Find Balance.

Eat the cake. You should totally eat the cake. Just not every day.
And not the kind filled with artificial additives, flavors and GMO ingredients.

So what does it mean to Cheat Smart & Find Balance?

You’re human… and part of your human experience is to enjoy the simple pleasures in life: that glass of wine, a slice of pie. These things should not be forbidden. Granted, they shouldn’t be a nightly occurrence either. That’s what I mean by find your balance. For some it’s monthly, other’s weekly. I don’t want you to feel deprived. I want you to make good choices out of the bad ones.

My Cheat Recommendations:

Let me help you make the best possible bad decisions. I’ll post my favorite cheat go-to’s along with cheat recipes (bad recipes, made smarter, but still bad).

Lets face it, sometimes you just want it bad, right?

Cheat Smart: Wine

Cheat Smart: Cheat Recipes