Mimi’s Blueberry Muffins – an Ode to Summer

Mimi’s Blueberry Muffins – an Ode to Summer

These muffins remind me of summers during my childhood. My grandma is the reason I am passionate about food. She taught me everything I know about how to cook, food pairings, flavor profiles, and what it means to love others with food. Each summer we’d be in her little kitchen baking blueberry muffins to enjoy outside over looking Miami Bay. These blueberry muffins ooze not only yummy blueberry goodness but to me, they also ooze memories of family and love.


1/2 cup organic butter
1 cup organic sugar
2 humane certified eggs
2 cups organic all purpose flour
2 tablespoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon pink Himalayan salt
1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk*
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
2 heaping cups fresh blueberries
Sugar for sprinkling over top

A note on nut milk:
If you’re able to find unsweetened nut milk at your grocery store that contains just nuts, filtered water and maybe a dash of salt- that would be a great option! Otherwise, be diligent with reading labels and pick the one with the least amount of additives and binding agents.

Simple Mindful Living approved nut milks:

  • MALK unsweetened plant milks
  • Elmhurst 1925 unsweetened plant milks
  • So Delicious organic unsweetened almond and cashew milk – simply 6 ingredients (I only recommend this product from them)


Preheat oven to 375°F.

Grease a standard sized muffin pan and muffin pan top (batter tends to rise over the rim). You can use parchment paper or unbleached muffin cups to line the muffin tin if desired. If so, you can skip buttering the pan.

Using a mixer, cream together the butter and sugar until they are fluffy. Beat in 1 egg at a time.

Add dry ingredients a little at a time, alternating with the milk and vanilla. Mix in blueberries by hand.

Fill muffin tin, and sprinkle additional sugar over top. Bake for 20-30 minutes. You can stick a clean toothpick in the center of the muffin, if it comes out clean, the muffins are done. Allow to cool before eating.

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